Patricia Stamm MD psychotherapy | psychopharmacology | mindfulness and insight oriented
Please Don’t Let Them Make Children Die, music by Patricia Stamm

42 years in private practice.


  • Barnard College B.A. 1970 Honors: Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa
  • Columbia University, College of Physicians and Surgeons M.D. 1977
  • University of California, San Francisco 1982
  • UCSF Residency in Psychiatry 1982
  • Chaplaincy Institute of Art and Interfaith Ministries 2006 / Ordained Interfaith Minister 2010

My theoretical approach is holistic and integrates my background in contemporary psychoanalysis, and relational psychotherapy. In this process I incorporate guided imagery, dreamwork and mindfulness oriented cognitive behavioral therapy.

As a composer, painter and former actor, I have a special interest in treating artists of all kinds. As an interfaith minister I also have an expertise in spiritual issues.


I believe that suffering by its very nature is so compelling that it demand’s the individual’s attention so that he/she ultimately has the opportunity to become a more conscious and whole human being. I see myself as a supportive and empathic ally in this process.

I provide brief problem-focused psychotherapy with and without medication for those who prefer to deal specifically with symptomatic relief. For others who wish to delve deeper, I help them uncover and then integrate the underlying psychological and spiritual issues that are out of balance causing the suffering to occur. I see myself as a compassionate and emphatic ally in this humbling, yet rich process of healing and growth.

Spirit Horse by Patricia Stamm
Spirit Horse © Patricia Stamm
Butterfly Lady by Patricia Stamm
Butterfly Lady © Patricia Stamm

Mission Statement:

Help me to be an instrument for loving spirit. May my heart express compassion, my mind be a channel for wisdom, and my hands have the touch of universal tenderness.

May my office be a sanctuary where patient & doctor are both awed by the wonder & mystery of life; and in so doing, may both of us become utterly transformed by the healing power of grace.

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