I Miss You, music by Patricia Stamm

Specialty Presentations and Publishing:

  • Presentation Coping Mechanisms for the Pandemic” for Marin Villages on telecommunication: 6/18/20.
  • Ongoing presentations throughout Marin County on the use of creativity (song writing, etc.) to deal with suffering of all kinds, in particular facing aging, dying and death; 2018.
  • Article:  “Letting Go and Letting Be”, Chaplaincy Institute of Art and Interfaith Ministries Newsletter; 2010. 
  • Article:  “Sermon on the Mountain”, Chaplaincy Institute of Art and Interfaith Ministries Newsletter, 2010.
  • Article on Art in Medicine, “Living With Your Hair On Fire”, Marin Medical Magazine; Fall, 2008.
  • Paper on Bulimia”, U.S.F. Conference; 10/1982
  • Presentation on “Anorexia” for KABL Radio; 11/1982.
  • Workshop “Exploring Group Psychotherapy in the Treatment of Severe Eating Disorders” for the Northern California Group Psychotherapy Society at Asilomar, Ca: 6/1982.

Music Website: patriciastammmusic.com

  • CD, “Celebrate Being Born” (melody and lyrics) for a song on infertility (role of using a surrogate mother); Published by Graphite Press.
  • CD, “You Are The Friend” (melody and lyrics) on Equine Therapy published by Graphite Press
  • Two musical plays, Crazy Fruitcakes, and Out of My Mind, dealing with various aspects of mental illness, and healing (including Depression, OCD, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia, Anxiety Disorders, and Pediphilia) as well as bisexuality, and intersexuality (2012-2014); currently awaiting production.
  • Album, “Carry Me Away”, on most streaming channels starting in April 2023